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Hurricane Wilma was different and terrifying and would impact Jenn and her family for a long time after the storm had passed. Jennifer Tang is a something year old accountant now living and working in New York City. She was born in Florida where she lived with her parents and sister until she left for college.

When Jenn was 17, still living in Florida with her parents, she experienced Hurricane Wilma. They understood that if the wind started to circulate inside the house, it could literally lift the house from its foundation. After closing doors on the first floor, Jenn headed back upstairs. As she rounded the stairway corner, the large floor-to-ceiling plate glass window in the front of the house shattered.

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Jenn, unhurt but terrified, flew up the last steps and to her parents, sure they were all going to die. Inside her room her sister and mother were as terrified as she was and her father was struggling to hold the mattress to the open window frame.

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Her father started to tell jokes. He joked loudly to drain out the noise of the storm. He joked to calm his panicked family. The night ticked on with the storm raging outside. Morning finally came and somehow they had survived the violent storm unscathed, at least physically. When they found the courage to move and look outside, they found their neighbors had gathered around the house. Jenn and her family were grateful and made new friends that day.

They were lucky. Given such an unclear reason why she has to say the things she saying, it's no wonder she gets so confused at times as to the story she's supposed to tell to help Jay out. Armando: The person accused has literally had is conviction vacated and his presumption of innocence restored. I am not sure if you noticed him working for the past several years to do just that.

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Jay, Jen, and the police may have told themselves that it was OK to participate in framing Adnan to see justice done. I also suspect that their testimony was probably forced in some way.

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Speaking hypothetically: Given the passage of time, what legal liabilities might Jen potentially face NOW if she gave truthful testimony that contradicted her earlier testimony? Might an embarrassed or vengeful prosecutor have grounds for some charge?

Jenn's Story

But I may have misunderstood or misremember More generally, and a recurring theme in this story in addition to bigotry is an almost hopeless poverty—families so poor that 3 or 4 working adults must still share one car for vital transportation; even the better students of the school still having to confront remarkable deprivation and very limited prospects, etc. Many of these people, certainly Jen and Jay, cannot afford the basic legal advice that they desperately required.

Thanks for this post, Colin. What do you make of this? And if so, what would that imply?

Jenn's Story

Her testimony later on describes picking up her mother and father and returning home. This blog is an Amazon affiliate. Help support EvidenceProf Blog by making purchases through Amazon links on this site at no cost to you.

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    Posted by: Kira Nov 11, AM. Why would someone make up a story about killing a person, and why is the person being accused not trying to prove his innocence Posted by: Armando Nov 12, AM. She clearly was having trouble keeping her story straight. That makes no sense whatsoever. Posted by: Ella Nov 12, AM. Posted by: Paul Nov 12, PM. Posted by: Robert Nov 15, AM. Posted by: Hal Nov 15, AM.