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The souldiors were ransomed , and the towne sacked, to the great gaine of the Englishmen. The first-born of men and cattle belong to the priesthood, and must be ransomed by the payment of a sum of money. Words related to ransom redemption , price , release , compensation , deliverance , bribe , payoff , payment , rescue , expiation , regain , recover , deliver , free , redeem , extricate , manumit , save , liberate , emancipate.

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Words nearby ransom ranking member , rankism , rankle , rankshift , ransack , ransom , ransome , ransomware , rant , rant and rave , rantoul. Examples from the Web for ransomed The earl was killed in battle and Marshal captured, but he would later be ransomed by the queen herself. Julia Ward Howe Laura E. This adulterous behavior against my first love made me become just like my idols — spiritually mute, deaf, blind, and dumb like Isaiah — The slow and subtle process of this heart idolatry in my life lasted a year.

  • Strong's Hebrew: פָּדָה (padah) -- to ransom.
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My eyes were opened to my bondage. My idols had consumed me. They turned on me right when I thought I was in control, but in reality they controlled me.

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What began as a foray into my Christian liberties became my slavery. You see, I knew none of the activities or interests I engaged in were sinful in and of themselves, but I was naive about the power of my sinful heart when coming in contact with those activities. Further down in 1 Corinthians 6, Paul reminds the Corinthians that they are not their own, because they were bought with a price.

This image of being bought with a price refers to the slave market.

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It was an image reflecting a literal reality for the Corinthian believers, but still holds a spiritual reality for us today. The price Paul refers to is the blood of Christ shed for us on the cross.

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He was the perfect sacrifice needed to appease the wrath of God. In this powerful act of redemption, God bought us back to himself through his Son. Where were we before God bought us at the high cost of himself?


In slavery to sin. A slavery we could not break free from on our own without a miraculous intervention. This moment of salvation is — and is not — a one-time deal.

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We are in continual need of rescuing and bondage breaking. He buys us to make us slaves to righteousness Romans — As God showed me the wanderings of my heart in slavery to idols, I was reminded that my soul had been ransomed by God through the blood of Christ; I was not my own, because I belonged to my Savior. Yet I had denied this truth by living in pride.

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I am ransomed. I am a ransomed child of God. That one word — ransomed — is now central to my identity. God slowly restored what was lost.