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How do you measure that year? In hate, in injustice, in bullets, shitty men , and darkness. But also, as those students proved, in compassion, grace, in education, fortitude, and so much love.

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Herzfeld is a year teaching veteran who has directed more than 50 productions. On the day of the Parkland shooting, she sheltered 65 of her students in a small office for two hours until help arrived and she could lead all of them to safety.

Actor Matthew Morrison then came out to recount a benefit concert that he and several other Broadway stars had performed at along with some of Marjorie Stoneman Douglas students. Instead, the producers invited students from the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas drama department to perform on the stage. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

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This article is about the Season Three version. You may be looking for the Season Five version.

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